A blog provides a great platform where a person can make themselves heard. There are an umpteen number of things you can blog on; news, hobbies, politics, how-to pages – the list never ceases to halt. Maybe you already have an idea on your mind, but have you ever asked yourself why you should pursue blogging?

Here are some reasons why you should start writing:

By Blogging, You Learn

The best way to learn is by teaching others. This is exactly what you do when you write blogs. You simply teach others whatever knowledge you possess regarding a particular topic. You may even have to carry out intensive research before you start writing; thereby continuing the learning cycle. Nothing to lose here, is there?

By Blogging, You Empower Others

Have you ever thought that your blog will empower people with knowledge and help them solve their problems? What can be more gratifying than this?

Depending on what topic you choose to blog on, you can help people transform their lives.

By Blogging, You Can Become More Creative

Writing requires a certain amount of creativity. When you start writing on a regular basis, you will force your mind to find more creative and interesting ways to convey your message. You’ll be constantly looking for new, unique ways to write about all sorts of things. You will learn to think like a writer.

By Blogging, You can Inspire Others

You never know someone might just get inspired by your writing and start doing something for the well-being of the community. Wouldn’t you be proud of yourself?

By Blogging, You Bring People Closer

A blog provides a platform for people to come closer together, igniting a sense of community. Here, people can share their opinions and experiences.  

By Blogging, You Can Become a Source of Guidance

If you combine credible and reliable knowledge with experience, you get a concoction that is extremely appreciated by the community as a whole. Over time, your reputation will build up and people will start to look up to you for guidance.

By Blogging, You Can Earn Money

Blogging provides a great way to earn some extra cash, or if you grow to become a large portal, then lots of cash. Google’s Adsense, Chitika, Affiliate Programs and other forms of advertising are just a few examples of how you can earn money. Yes, that’s cool.

By Blogging, You Connect With Other Community Members

Let’s say you write blogs about a certain hobby of yours; this will draw other people who have the same hobby as yours towards your blog page and create opportunities and lasting friendships. This way, you can also keep track of upcoming events and meetings – perfect way to stay in the social circle!

Let’s Begin!

I hope you’re convinced by now. There is really nothing to lose here; all that is required from you is to churn out some quality material and let it loose on the internet. It’s just a matter of time before you become a professional blogger!



dos and dontsPeople often ask what makes a blog successful; there really isn’t a right or a wrong answer to this. As long as you’re enjoying writing your blog and others are having fun reading them – this would qualify to be labeled as a success. You can have a successful blog of your own by following these tips regarding the dos and dont's of blogging:

Do Get Your Message Across

While there is nothing wrong with expressing your opinion about a particular thing, but it should be kept in mind that it is extremely hard to comprehend someone’s real tone. Thus it is essential that you remain as polite as possible. Always avoid insulting others. Give respect, and you’ll get it back.

Do Add Pictures, lots of them!

Using pictures is something that I always encourage. Why? Because they make your blog look more interesting. People don’t like reading huge blocks of text – I personally get quite bored if there are no pictures.

At least add one picture; we already have trillions of drab blogs out there (maybe thousands – don’t vouch for accuracy here!).

Do Take Care of Privacy

A lot of bloggers use fake names, their children and don’t even post pictures of their family for security reasons. They also take care of how much information they reveal about themselves, such as what school their children go to, where they live and so on.

You’ll have to figure out how much information you can afford to give out. You’ve been warned.

Do Take a Break

Regular blogging is a good way to keep your content updated and for attracting more readers. However, it is important that you take blogging as something fun, and not a part of those daily chores!

Once in a while, give yourself a break and get away from blogging for a day or two – more if you think you need more time off.

Do Participate in Other Blogs

It’s great for your publicity to interact with other bloggers by commenting on their posts. This will not only build a connection with other blog writers, but go a long way in gaining more audience for your own blog.

Don’t Compromise on Quality

Even if you haven’t updated your blog for some time, don’t push yourself to write anything unless or until you know you can keep up the quality. You definitely wouldn’t want dull content on the internet. Remember, what goes on the internet, stays there.

Don’t be Obsessed with Statistics

While there is nothing wrong with checking out your blog’s statistics to check how much traffic you’re getting, it does raise an eyebrow when you start to become obsessed with it. What are the signs of statistics-obsession? Well, you start to check you statistics more frequently than ever, first it used to be once daily, and then it increases to every couple of hours and so on. If you’re suffering from obsession, you’ll get the idea. Stop it now.



Veteran writers always have something unique that sets them apart. It makes them stand out from the rest and it's the secret behind their success. All experienced writers possess an exclusive writing style. And no, they weren’t born with this style; they worked hard to achieve it, it took them time to polish it and make it perfect.

You can do it too! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a novice who is just starting on the journey to writing blogs; or you're an experienced blog writer who is willing to buff up their style, this guide will help you to achieve just that.

Be Yourself

Originality is what comes from within you. Sometimes it helps a lot when you write from the core of your heart, and not the brain. Instill your feelings into your writing and do not try to copy the style of others – you want to be a unique writer, not a copy-cat writer.

Be creative and be personal with your readers.

Have a Conversation

It makes it interesting when you involve your readers and make them feel a part of the blog.  Doesn’t it?

Try writing blogs in a conversational style to attract feedback from your readers. This is a great way to engage your readers and have them coming back for more. Everyone likes to be listened to, and this is a blogger’s way to incite readers to have their say.

Include Pictures to Prop Up Your Writing

The truth of the adage, a picture is worth a thousand words, cannot be denied. Now imagine the power of pictures and words together!

Include pictures in your blog to spice things up, make it interesting and informative and generally make the layout more pleasing to the eye.

Get the Grammar Right

Blogs are simply wonderful. They have no specific rules on how to write them. It’s up to the imagination of the writer and the sky is the limit.

However, before you get all-excited, do keep in mind that correct grammar cannot be neglected. You can write as you wish, but a post full of grammatical errors just won’t do the trick – and you will end up losing traffic to your site.

Proof Read, Not Once, But Twice!

Don’t forget to get rid of those typos, spelling mistakes and some of those silly mistakes many bloggers make. Always read and reread your blog before posting it. The quality of your writing directly affects the number of readers.

Keep Practicing Till You Get It Right

Practice does make perfect. Don’t hesitate to try out different styles of writing and check what kind of feedback you get on them. Once you get an idea of what your readers like, you can build onto that particular style and claim it your own. 

Don’t push yourself too hard though; it takes proper practice, guidance and training to be able to write perfect blogs. This can only happen with time, so relax.

Happy blogging!


When it comes to choosing a topic for your next blog, the numerous options can certainly daunt you. You surely want a blog that is interesting to read, a blog that can attract readers to your blog page, and you want it to be unique too. Coming up with an interesting topic can be difficult, especially if you admire originality.

This task can be made easier by working on a constructive plan. Let me help you on how to proceed with your search for the ideal topic for writing a blog.

What’s Your Passion?

This is very important, so pay attention. You need to write on something that you’re passionate about. Consider this the foundation of blog writing.  A subject that intrigues you will have you writing in no time at all.  Chances are, you will already possess a lot of knowledge of that particular subject and when you sit down to write, your passion will have words oozing out onto the paper; or screen, whatever suits you.

Make it a habit to write about things that are interesting for you.  You will be able to come with related topics and will be aware of the latest happenings.

What Are Your Usual Discussions On?

A blog is something that works both ways.  You write what’s on your mind and publish it.  Your readers read that, and then write comments to express their opinions and add valuable information on the same page.

When choosing what to write, look into your usual everyday discussions. Jot down these ideas and voilà! You will have plenty of topics at your disposal in no time at all. 

Do You Have Enough Knowledge?

Knowledge is important, and the lack of it can be dangerous, and embarrassing too in some cases.  When your audience reads your blog, their opinion or ideas may differ to that of yours.  This can and will light up a debate. 

It will really get embarrassing for you if you’re not able to answer back with proper knowledge and the right information.

Save yourself from this awkward situation and stick to the facts and figures; and please, only try to write about what you know.

Can You Learn What You Don’t Know?

Blogging allows you to learn a whole lot of new things along the way. You have to carry out a fair bit of research as you proceed with writing your blog. It is a wise idea to go with a topic that you enjoy learning about. It would be pointless to pick a subject that is drab and bores you half-way through the blog.

The more interested you are about your work, the better the end-results; and develop an interesting writing style to crank up your awesomeness!

Are You Consistent?

Consistency is another pillar for successful blogging. I recommend writing blogs on a single topic, because a variety of topics can confuse your readers. Also, your readers will know what type of content you keep on your blog; and the next time they want this information, they will know where to go.


Getting a good search engine ranking is essential for the success of your blog. Everyone knows that. The question is, how can you make your blog such that it is visible (with a good ranking) in the search engines?

Blog academy proMaking your blogs SEO-friendly is the way to go. Be advised however, in a desperate attempt to get their pages listed, many people abuse the SEO techniques and end up paying a heavy price. This ‘heavy price’ could be complete removal of your site from search engine listings.

Here are the ways of writing blogs in an acceptable SEO way:

Don’t Stuff Keywords

An old technique to get a good ranking was to stuff keywords onto blogs and web pages. Nowadays, this is no stuffed turkey; Google has adopted ways to detect this SEO-abuse and has its own ways of punishing the website that resorts to these measures.

Keep a balance between user experience and keyword usage – both are inversely proportional. You definitely don’t want to write for robots.

Write Original Stuff

In one of my previously published blog posts, I highlighted the importance of choosing a title you’re truly passionate about. This will help you churn out original content and avoid any typical fluff. Believe it or not, this can do wonders for your blog and will surely get a good ranking. Note well: Original stuff does get good ranking.

Focus on Interesting Titles

A title gives out the first impression; it can either attract or repel, the choice is yours. As a good writer you should carve your title as an artist carves a sculpture.

Search for keywords that you can include in your titles to increase your search engine ranking.

Use Optimized and Relevant Images

Spice up your blog page by adding Images that are relevant to your content. Make sure they are optimized for the web, as slow loading pages usually get penalized by search engines.

Add Options for Sharing

No matter how good your content is, if it doesn’t get shared, it’s your loss, huge loss. Always add options that are prominent so that your readers can share your blog on social websites like twitter, facebook and MySpace.

Correct Formatting is Important

Arrange your writing in well-organized paragraphs, bulleted/numbered lists which are easily scannable and readable. Also don’t forget to use:

  • Headings
  • Sub-headings
  • Bold or Italic text to emphasize on a point

Quote from Reliable Sources

If you have to quote a piece of information, make sure the source is reliable and trustworthy. And please don’t start blogging based on rumors – this can severely damage your credibility and the traffic can just bounce away from your site.

Proofread, Not Once, But Twice!

Who would like to read a blog full of spelling and grammatical mistakes? You’re right, no one. So make sure you avoid the mistake of posting without proofreading.

You can never go wrong with re-reading your posts; on the upside, you will get a chance to correct any errors that may end up being embarrassing for you later on!

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